Trinity College Gym

Welcome to Trinity College Gym managed by Cam Sports Performance. This is your chance to access high quality exercise instruction in convenient facilities suitable for all levels of exercise and training.

Gym Inductions

  • You must have completed a gym induction before using the Trinity College Gym Facilities.
  • Please read the Important Induction Info before your induction.

Gym Inductions can be completed by clicking here.

Once completed we will get your college card activated and you may access the Gym.

Gym membership is £10 per term (£12 for staff and Fellows). Payment is added directly to your college bill or taken from your staff payslip.

To book an Exercise Class please:

  1. Sign in here (new users will need to create a new account)
  2. Locate and select the date of the class you wish to attend
  3. Click on new reservation
  4. Enter your full name and click create reservation

If you can’t make the session please cancel by editing your booking on the system.

Exercise Classes

  • Functional Circuits – High intensity circuits class using kettlebells, body weight, plyometrics, medicine balls to perform multi-muscle functional movements that will get you in the best shape of your life.
  • Core Conditioning – Series of challenging circuits targeting the abdominals, obliques, lower back and glutes. Develop amazing core strength, improve posture and enhance your physique.
  • Introduction to Strength Training – Master the essentials of strength training. Learn to Squat, Lunge, Deadlift, Push and Pull with perfect form and develop strength. Additionally strength training correctly will improve posture, body composition and flexibility.
  • Aerobic Interval Training – Using treadmills, rowing machines and body weight exercises to challenge and maximise your cardiovascular fitness, burn calories and enhance physique.

Book a 1-2-1 Exercise advice session – Interested in free of charge high quality exercise advice?

Team Strength & Conditioning Sessions – Free of charge to Trinity College Sports Teams. Development and delivery of elite standard S&C sessions, maximising each member of your team’s athletic potential.

General Enquiries – Have a suggestion or question ?